Here are some full album projects recorded at Sugar Music Studio*.


Duarte - Cubertura
"Cool. Great in fact. Bueno comigo!" -Duarte
Realizing that Stage Of The Evening

Mike Sugar - Realizing That Stage Of The Evening
"I'm done already? I don't want to stop." -Sugar
Eco Punk Babies

Eco Punk Babies - Defend your Planet!
"Mike's recording chops are a treasure to observe." -David Cook
Mike Sugar

Mike Sugar - Again With The Microphone
"I am very happy with the results and learned so much in the process" -Sugar

JeConte - Sweet Northern California
"Mike Sugar is a master musicician, engineer and producer." - JeConte
Hotel Toledo

Duarte - Hotel Toledo
"Coffee always tastes better at your studio" -Duarte

Duarte - Diamante
"I want to go broke in your studio" -Duarte
Seahorse Rodeo

Chris Haugen - Seahorse Rodeo
"Sounds great", "I get nostalgic" -Chris Haugen
Halo Refuser

Asher Fulero - Halo Refuser *live instrument tracking and engineering on Tracks 4 and 7 only*
"More than you need" -He of Halo Refusal
If I Showed You

Tree Leyburn - If I Showed You
"I'm so happy" -Tree
It Is Late

Julie Dillon - It Is Late
"I like the vibe" -JD