Duarte - Cubertura

"I have recorded my last three CD projects with Mike Sugar as well as having recorded at all of the major San Francisco Bay Area studios and he ranks with the best engineers they have to offer.

While being extremely knowledgeable on a technical level, he is also very understanding of what the artist's aspirations are and is capable of co-producing and giving constructive criticism and input, while never 'micro-producing' or trying to leave his mark on the project.

An accomplished bass player, he is also a professional level vocalist, guitarist, drummer and keyboardist and has contributed bass, drums and keyboards to my projects. "" - Duarte


JeConte - Sweet Northern California

"JeConte came to Sugar Music Studio looking for the complete album package."

"Working at Sugar Music Studio was the exact fit. Sugar is a master musician, engineer, and producer. He not only stepped up and joined the band when needed but executed an amazing level of professionalism and skill when putting the album together. Mike would work through the night coming up with effects and ideas that never once compromised the integrity of the project. He crafted a work of art, pushed us when we needed pushing and supported us through the entire process. "

"Sugar did everything and more to help us realize this dream. If you are in need of someone to help guide you through the recording process he is your man and Sugar Music Studio is the place without a doubt." - JeConte

Eco Punk Babies

Eco Punk Babies - Defend your Planet!

"Sugar can play it all well!"

"I would come into his studio with a new song and Sugar would hear it once or twice and lay down a great drum track and then the perfect bass line. His musicianship always amazes me."
"Sugar's recording chops are a treasure to observe." "I love how he approaches recording like he's playing an instrument."
"I smile evertime I hear that drum fill he does just before the first guitar solo on "Please Help". The bass line in "Stop it" Sugar made up right on the spot and it is a fantastic contrast to the minimalist guitar riff."
"It was great to sit back and watch him take our musical ideas and turn them into rockin' pieces of art. I'm so happy to know him and to be inspired by his talent and him as a person. "
- Dave Cook, the Father of Eco Punk Babies